Onward and Upward

Hi friends 

It's been one of the most difficult weekends of my adult life I think and at the same time there is so much positive happening that I have no other choice besides to focus on the positive and moving forward.  Right now there are some changes happening in my personal life that I didn't really anticipate would happen right NOW necessarily.  I knew it was a possibility and let's just say- I was not exactly ready for it consciously. 

I feel practically ready for anything, and also there are the emotions that come along with our heartstrings, and that has been the difficult part.  So much emotion I am feeling right now and I'm actually very grateful for it although it's painful.  It's super painful because I was rather invested in something I felt had a future, and the only part of the future is has right now is the f and the u.  Because I'm hurt.  So that's why I say that. Because actually..

At the core of my life are friendships and thoughtful people, and honesty and caring and that exists here too.  So it shall stay and what the FUture holds is BRIGHT.  Trust and faith in the Lord is where I choose to delight.  Okay no more rhymes. So what's up on the fashion front?  Good things.

I had made a hoodie for my friend Emily for Christmas and it needed to be larger than I made it, so today I completed that project, it took about 2 hours to do the project and this was the result.  Also because it needed more work, I had the opportunity to add a "treasured" patch to it which I didn't have at Christmas time when I sent it to her initially.  Here's a photo :)


On Saturday I went to ARC and I found 8 pieces.  Several of them were half off so I was happy about that.  I found materials for 3 deluxe hoodies and 1 peak.  There are 2 ocean, 1 electro and 1 galaxy.  I found some really nice stuff that i'm excited to create.  

I am working on a hoodie for my friend Kara from Oregon, it's a custom job and I only do those occasionally. I am sourcing fabric and will have that complete shortly to share.  It's a really beautiful hoodie with an angled zipper and a lot of extra fabric around the neck and hood area.

I am putting together probably 3-4 Colorado pocket hoodies.  1 to fill an order, 1 to replace the sample I sold, and 1-2 to have on hand to sell.  It's a popular design and I think it's going to do well.  Colorado is the healthiest state in the nation you know.

So anyways, I'm moving my office and my ass.  And we are headed somewhere even better- because we have a choice and I choose to continually UPGRADE my situation.  So here goes. :)  


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